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Making Memories Together: A fun filled Annual day at Aeon and Trisl, Karachi

Making Memories Together: A fun filled Annual day at Aeon and Trisl, Karachi

The sun was shining, the air was buzzing and the excitement was clear as Aeon and Trisl Karachi celebrated its Annual Day at Seadale on Friday. This was not just any corporate event; it was a day for employees and their families to come together and enjoy a getaway filled with games, fun and laughter.

The morning started off with a delicious breakfast buffet. After energizing, everyone got prepared to participate in a range of games and rides.

Aeon and Trisl had arranged some cool camel and horse rides along with speed boat rides and a thrilling volleyball game. But the highlight of the day was the soap soccer game. All the employees, divided into teams, took to the field with enthusiasm and energy, slipping and sliding in the soapy foam. It was a hilarious and unforgettable experience for the employees and their families.

The day wasn’t just filled with fun and games, but also delicious lunch. The lunch menu was even more impressive. And, of course, the margaritas were the best. They were a hit among the guests and added a refreshing touch to the day’s celebrations.

Aeon and Trisl had truly created a day to remember, bringing together employees and their families in a fun and relaxed setting. The event expressed the company’s commitment to its employees and their well-being.

We cannot end this blog without expressing our gratitude to Mr. Saleem Karsaz, founder and Group CEO of Aeon and Trisl, and Mr. Ali Gilani, CEO Pakistan, for organizing such an incredible event. Their leadership and commitment to creating a positive work culture were evident in every aspect of the day’s celebrations.

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