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  • Economy. It is ranked 19th with the highest GDP in the world.
  • Access. There are always regular flights to Istanbul and it is a big transit stop between countries and continents.
  • Easy entry into the country and immigration rules.
  • Double citizenship opportunity.
  • Location, Infrastructure, Military power.
  • Accommodation level (food, clothing, transport)
  • Public transportation. There are different means of transport: bus and Metrobus, metro and tram, Marmaray and train systems, ferries, dolmuş, minibusses, taxis, etc.
  • Climate, Nature, Tourism, Culture & history
  • Education. Turkey is a popular country for international students over the world. It offers education in English and Turkish languages. There are a lot of universities and schools in each area of Istanbul.
  • Available medical services for foreigners.
  • Healthcare & Work opportunities.
  • Investments from both government and foreign investors.


You can become a Turkish Citizen from a real estate investment of as little as 250,000 USD (Turkish Official Gazette – 19.09.2018 & 07.12.18).
This investment will allow citizenship to you and your family (spouse, children under 18, and future children born) for the remainder of your life.
The program also allows you to keep multiple citizenships with your Turkish Citizenship, providing you with greater flexibility.

There are 3 main routes for Citizenship by Investment:
Real Estate Investment of 250,000 USD
Deposit 500,000 USD in Turkish Bank
Invest 500,000 in Turkish Govt Bonds

By far the most popular route has been real estate investment, as it not only offers you citizenship but from past experience, the best opportunity for sustained capital growth.
Over recent years Turkey has attracted the attention of many international investors not only as a desirable location to invest but also where investments can lead to an option for Turkish Citizenship.
Besides the obvious economic arguments of a young growing and educated population, areas of natural beauty as well as a modern and developed Healthcare system, Turkey offers one of the most competitive and respected citizenship programs in the world.


If you are asking, a good place to look is TUIK stats. TUIK is the Turkish Statistical institution, and they collect information from around Turkey, including how many foreigners live here. In 2020, just over 2 and half-million foreigners resided in Turkey. They are comprised of more than 100 nationalities. That says a lot that all these people choose Turkey as their home.
However, break down those ex-pat stats because people have different reasons for choosing Turkey as their home, and your experience will differ according to your lifestyle preferences and needs. For example, nationalities varied from people who need to work to support their families to Brits, who generally move here to retire on pensions. Indeed, life in Turkey for foreigners is varied depending on circumstances. So, in this article, we look at the pros and cons of retirees and people wanting to work in Turkey and popular areas where ex-pats live.


  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable property prices
  • Easy residency process
  • Excellent healthcare
  • Excellent air transport network
  • Gorgeous weather climate
  • Outdoor lifestyle
  • Traditions, culture, and society


  • Right to work, live and study in Turkey
  • Invest in Turkey For Freedom of Movement
  • Potential Rental Income
  • Capital Growth Potential
  • Visa-Free Citizen Turkish Passport
  • Family Members and Education
  • Healthcare and Retirement
  • Turkish Culture
  • Exploration and Leisure
  • Turkish Food
  • Weather and Outdoor lifestyle
  • State of the Art Transport Network
  • Dual Citizenship of the Investment Program
  • Running a Business
  • Short Processing time


  • Gorgeous Weather
  • Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Turkish Cuisine
  • Low Cost of Property
  • Low Cost of Living in Turkey
  • Beautiful Places and Beaches
  • Turkish Culture
  • Amazing Weather – Four Seasons at a Time
  • Beautifully Geo – Located for Easy Travel
  • Vibrant and Tolerant Culture
  • Rich and Diverse Cuisine
  • Touristic Attractions
  • Friendly People / Hospitality
  • Fast Developing Country
  • Safe and Happy Environment for The Family
  • High GDP Per Capita
  • Strong Legal and Justice System
  • Excellent Health System
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Turkish TV Series, “Dizis”

If you’re looking for property overseas, wish to buy a holiday home in the sun, a place to retire, or purely real estate investment, Aeon & Trisl is the answer. Aeon & Trisl is a platform where we provide real estate consultancy at a global scale.


As of 2021, Turkish citizens are eligible for visa-free entry or visa processing upon arrival in 111 countries and territories. So, in three countries of the world, you can enter even with an internal Turkish passport, bypassing the registration of a foreign passport (Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine). In addition, visa-free entry for Turkish citizens with a stay of 30 to 90 days is open to eleven countries of the European continent: Andorra, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia.
Also, visa-free entry with a stay of 14 to 90 days is open for Turkish citizens to 31 Asian countries: Bahrain, East Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, Armenia, Palestine, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Macau, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Oman, Tajikistan, Jordan, and Syria.
Visa-free travel with stays from 30 to 180 days is open for Turkish citizens to 31 countries in 31 countries in North and South America. Among them: Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Antigua, and Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Jamaica and a number of island states.
Also, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens for a period of 30 to 90 days is open to 20 African countries (including Morocco, Madagascar, Tunisia, Tanzania, Kenya) and six island states of Oceania.
Therefore, the Turkish passport is now in 52nd place in the world ranking in terms of freedom of movement.

In 2018, the government decided to revise the thresholds and lower them. These amendments are still in effect and allow the following categories of investors from abroad to obtain Turkish citizenship by way of investment

  • Citizens who have invested at least $500.000 in the development of the Turkish economy (or the equivalent in another currency). Many businessmen today actively use this opportunity by investing in the construction of enterprises and factories in Turkey.
  • Buying an apartment in Turkey to obtain citizenship at a cost of at least $250.000.
  • Opening of a deposit account in one of the banks in Turkey, where a foreigner invests $500.000 without the right to withdraw this money for 3 years.
  • Running own business and creating 50 or more jobs for Turkish citizens. It should be noted that this investment option has also gained popularity among investors from the CIS countries.
  • Purchase of securities by foreign citizens in the amount of $500.000 or more.
  • Russia – allowed, second citizenship is officially recognized.
  • Belarus (dual citizenship is not recognized, but children may have until the age of majority. It is not prohibited to have second citizenship)
  • Kazakhstan – prohibited.
  • Azerbaijan – prohibited.
  • Kyrgyzstan – prohibited
  • Turkmenistan – prohibited
  • Ukraine – prohibited.
  • Uzbekistan – prohibited
  • Tajikistan – prohibited
  • Georgia – prohibited

Over the last 10 years, Govt legislation has allowed the vast majority of foreign nationals the ability to purchase property in Turkey without restrictions.
Although the process has been simplified, there are still some pitfalls, especially for foreign investors with limited knowledge of the local market and language. With our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced sales staff, we will assist you through this process and ensure you achieve your desired objective.
We will also offer you an after-sales package to ensure you have peace of mind even after the sales process has been completed.
Whether you are buying a property as an investment, a second or holiday home, or for Citizenship purposes, our committed staff will be happy to help.
We recommend any buyer perform a certain level of research into the Turkish property market before considering a purchase.
As such, these are the steps a buyer should undertake when purchasing a property in Turkey.


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